Boardwalk Empire Season 3

I produced the Newsreels, American Empires, and Motion Graphics interactive content to support the marketing campaign for HBO’s Boardwalk Empire Season 3 home entertainment release.


HBO had asked us to come up with branded content to help promote the show and the release of the Season 3 Blu-ray and DVD products.

The Boardwalk Empire series takes place in the 1920’s during prohibition. Throughout the series the show creators have worked to weave in historical facts and references to help add depth and authentic character.   I lead a team of animators and graphic artists  to create 24 featurettes to highlight some of those facts and historical references.

We decided to do interviews with the show runners and researchers to dig into some of the history and it’s affect on the story. We then took archival photography and animated it with a 2.5D effect to bring some of that history to life.


Working in the previously establish style of seasons 1 and 2 we were tasked to create an edit highlighting the characters of Boardwalk Empire Season 3.  The challenge was to weave an edit together with fluid and clever transitions to pull the viewer through the collage of character vignettes.

The project included 3D work from building the Boardwalk Empire sign to replacing an airplane with a 3D model to get the transition to blend as smooth as possible.