Westworld Season 3 Transmedia

HBO and Kilter Films had asked to come up with a website design for Incite, a company featured in Westworld Season 3. The goal was to create an in world experience showing the fictional company Incite as if it was a real company. The site then had scheduled updates leading up to show premier and throughout the season tying it into show plot points to keep viewers engaged.

Incite Inc Website – year 2039

The first website launch shows Incite early in its start up phase in the year 2019 with the goal to tease the upcoming season.


Delos Inc

We updated the Delos Inc site showcasing the robots the Delos corporation created that are featured in season 3


Incite Inc Website – trailer launch

Incite 2039 website was updated to coincide with the Westworld Season 3 trailer launch. Keeping with the shows enigmatic story the trailer was an easter egg reachable via a “Privacy Act” link.


Incite – The year 2054

Coinciding with the season 3 show premiere the Incite website was updated launching it forward to the year 2054. Showing a more developed company, we got a glimpse into products and company mission statement.



As part of the transmedia Kilter and HBO wanted to create a landing page for the RICO crime app. A sort of TaskRabbit for crime jobs that was featured in the show.